Friday, March 18, 2011

County Judge Blocks Wisconsin Union-Busting Law (Update 1)

In midair as I write this so the link isn't cleverly embedded but a County judge in Wisconsin has agreed that the farce of the state Senate passing the Gov. Scott Walker/Koch Brothers union-killing law without a true quorum violated the state's Open Meetings law. This will not necessarily derail the medieval bill and does not address its merits but if upheld it sends the minions of Corporate domination back to square one. More later here; for now here's the link, old-fashioned style:

More fun for Gov. "Look At Me When You're Talking To Me" Walker: Wisconsin Democrats charging that his February meeting with Frank Luntz was illegal. Wow – you'd think just having to sit in the same room with Luntz would be bad enough. Again: Ole-Time-Eddie-Shore link follows: