Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snappy Headlines For April 14

Fox Nation: Olbermann Says Female Conservative Should've Been Aborted?

Answer: No, he didn't! And this is the Fox News/GOOP Industrial Complex in action: 1) One of their stooges goes on and perpetuates the lie that Planned Parenthood does nothing but conduct abortions; 2) I call her out on her BS and suggest she underscores the value of Planned Parenthood – that they can counsel people who clearly aren't ready to be parents; 3) Fox lies about what I said; 4) Fox denies it's a lie or a false accusation because they used a question mark (by the way, there's no question mark on the link itself).

My question in return is: doesn't this mean that if I said something – anything – about the Fox commentator, from an issue of abortion to an issue of tone deafness, it would be just fine as long as I used a question mark? You know: "Fox commentator: Is she a foreign spy planted to sow division among gullible Americans?" "Fox commentator: Is she bald and actually wearing a wig?" "Fox commentator: Did she actually print her college diploma at Kinko's?"