Monday, April 25, 2011

Snappy Headlines For April 25

Home Movies Of Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms" Inauguration Found – In Color; Matches Clip of NBC Radio Coverage By H.V. Kaltenborn

Answer: No snark here: take five minutes and watch this extraordinary vignette from American history – an FDR inauguration of 70 years ago, in which he declared "The Four Freedoms" filmed, in perfect color, by his son-in-law. You'll see everybody from his son Jimmy in military uniform, walking him to the podium, to the first lady, to Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes in a judicial cap that makes him look like a French magistrate. The audio of the speech is here.

Without any certainty, I believe the radio announcer you see behind two mikes, startlingly close to the President, is John Charles Daly, later known for broadcasting the CBS bulletin announcing the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and simultaneously running ABC's television news operation, anchoring its newscast, and hosting the game show "What's My Line?"