Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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How to Get Current TV
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Promo: Introducing Keith to the Current TV Crowd ('One Of Us')
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Contradictionary: "Death Ceiling"
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How to Get Current TV:

Two questions I get more than any other can now be answered through the miracle of Countdown Online...

The first: yes, this is my own hair. If it weren't, wouldn't I get some that **wasn't** gray in the front but black in the back?

Second: yes, there is an easy way to find out where you can find Current, and thus Countdown on Current, on your television. You will see on the main page of Countdown Online - right up here, basically right above my head - a place to enter your zip code.

The computer will, in a matter of nano-seconds, not only tell you what carrier or carriers are available in your home, but exactly what channel the network is on.

And if you are not in one of those 60 million American homes that get us right now, whose fault that is, how to complain to them so that they know you're angry but do not dismiss you as a blaspheming malcontent, and how to build up a potent but non-swearing polite power base with which you can force these slacker outfits to carry the show you love, oh so very much.

It's really very simple. Remember where you live. Remember the zip code. Enter the zip code. If it gives you a channel number, memorize that number! It couldn't be simpler unless I came to your house and did the show from there.

I'm sorry, I'm **not** coming to your house and doing the show from there.


I'm Keith Olbermann with Countdown Online's first-ever edition of Contradictionary.

This is going to be a place where we beat the Conservative Spinmeisters to the punch, and anticipate how they intend to pervert the language to take something benign and make it nefarious...

Or how **we** might take a political event or development and redefine it for your edification and amusement.

If you've got one of these - we not only have room in the Comments section for you to suggest it - we **want** you to suggest it!

Words are the universe's most potent source of power, and frankly, Conservatives know how to use them to scare the gullible much better than us Human Beings do.

We've heard how the slight IRS curb on perpetual inherited wealth became "The Death Tax" and how the opportunity to actually have your insurance cover the cost of discussing end-of-life care with a doctor became "Death Panels."

It is no great leap to think that some Roger Ailes wannabe could look at the the issue of the Congressional limitations on national borrowing and see a golden opportunity:

This new phrase villainizes the debt ceiling - the line that stands between America's economic integrity and America becoming a deadbeat debt-payer. Used and shared gratuitously, it will have every man, woman, and child in the nation soon hating that debt ceiling with that same passion previously reserved for Al-Qaeda and certain American Idol contestants.

Countdown's Contradictionary gives you..."Death Ceiling."