Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
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ShowPlug1: Breaking news on Debt Ceiling; May change ballgame. @RyanGrim on his HuffingtonPost piece live at 8PM on Countdown @current

ShowPlug2: Bachmann doubles down on John Quincy Wayne Adams historical faux-pas. @KenVogel joins me; ex-COS calls her "unprepared" for WH

ShowPlug3: NH Gov Lynch vetoes latest GOP attempt at Caging. Contributor Heather McGhee of @Demos_Org on newest Voter Suppression stunts: ID

ShowPlug4: Fox goon celebrates his online popularity passing that of mourned, just-deceased ex-colleague in Worsts.

ShowPlugLast: And Meet The Neighbors. Russian astronomer predicts we meet ET by 2031 w/ @coolastronomer Countdown contributor Derrick Pitts


'Deadlocked On Debt', Ryan Grim, Jeff Madrick
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'Obama Fights Back' and Michele Bachmann, Ken Vogel

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'License To Vote', Heather McGhee

Worst Persons: Eric Bolling, Gov. Rick Perry, Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs

'Space Odyssey', Derrick Pitts
YouTube, Current.com (excerpt)

Web Extra: Contradictionary: "Fibbertarian"

Worst Persons:

Here are Countdown's top three nominees for today's Worst Persons -- or extra-terrestrials disguised as Persons -- in the World.

The bronze to Eric Bolling of Fixed News.

He has an unfortunate history of racist remarks ... But he has now crossed a line that transcends even that.

Bolling tweeted: "No disrespect meant to my old friend Mark (RIP, Bud), but I finally made it above Mark Haines in Mediaite's power rankings!"

Mark Haines of CNBC -- 22 years at that network and 35 years in television -- died suddenly at his home on May 24th: A loss that has understandably left so many of his colleagues and viewers shocked and depressed to this day, more than a month later.

What Bolling wrote is unspeakable and testifies to his total insensitivity to other people, and if you're guessing this was just a moment of really bad judgment -- he posted similar remarks on his Facebook page.

The silver to Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

How many things can you count that are wrong in this 44-word sound bite?

"Government doesn't create any jobs // It's the federal government kinda getting out of our hair. The idea that they're telling us how to educate our children or how to deliver health care or how to, for that matter, clean our air is really nonsense."

Our air is really nonsense.

OK: How many things are wrong in this sound bite? The answer is four:

((1)) Quote: "Government doesn't create any jobs." This was just said by a guy with a government job.

((2)) Quote: "they're telling us how to educate our children." Public education is entirely state-controlled, which is why Texas rewrote its history books and its kids are now having trouble getting into real colleges.

((3)) He doesn't want the government telling Texas how to quote "clean our air." Governor Perry doesn't seem to realize that the air moves from state to state.

And ((4)) Perry wants the government quote "out of our hair" -- bad imagery choice when it looks like you rub shoe polish into yours.

But our winner: Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs. This is really going to frost your beer stein so be prepared:

Fox Business reported this...

Somebody will probably get fired for it.

But Blankfein's company is about to hire 1,000 new employees for quote "high-paying, skilled positions in sales and investment banking."

In Singapore.

And fire about the same number here. It's not even three years since we gave Blankfein and Goldman Sachs 10 billion dollars in a bailout, and during a year in which it has already made a profit of 2-point-7 billion in the first three months of 2011.

Perhaps one of those 1,000 outsourced American employees going to Singapore could be Lloyd Blankfein... Today's Worst Person In The World.