Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Thursday, June 30th, 2011
video 'podcast'

ShowPlug1: Live at 8: Sen. @ChuckSchumer asks if GOP is "sowing down the recovery on purpose for political gain in 2012?" He joins us.

ShowPlug2: Sen. Roberts tells POTUS to "take a valium"; @Markos Moulitsas joins us to tell Sen. Roberts to...take a guess.

ShowPlug3: New poll: 7% of GOP wants Bachmann, 7% Romney, 67 PERCENT HAVE NO ENTHUSIASM FOR ANY OF THEM w/Christina Bellantoni, CQ Roll Call

ShowPlug4: D**k on the (TV) Box: the fallout of the insult to POTUS, with Alex @Pareene of Salon. Worsts: he sent inappropriate photos...

ShowPlug5: electronically to a woman, but he's not resigning. Fox picks Beck's 10 successors, one veteran expected gig, not getting it

ShowPlugLast: & we'll say farewell to Lonesome Rhodes; explain the name & what that movie predicts for his future. See you on @Current


'Debt Saboteurs', Sen. Chuck Schumer, Markos Moulitsas
YouTube: part 1, part 2 (excerpt)

'No Joke', Alex Pareene

Time Marches On!

'Lack Of Options', Christina Bellantoni

Worst Persons: City Councilman Joe Stagni, Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, YouTube

'Fade To Blackboard'
YouTube, (excerpt)

Worst Persons:

Here are Countdown's top three nominees for today's Worst Persons In The World.

The bronze to Joe Stagni, City Councilman from Kenner, Louisiana.

Turns out he sent this photo of himself in his underwear to a city employee and had a quote "inappropriate" relationship with her.

The woman, an auditor, sent the photo to her office director of IT.

The IT director resigned last year, and then the auditor Stagni was having the affair with, was fired last September.

But Stagni isn't resigning.

Why not?

He's a Republican.

The bronze: Lou Dobbs, back on the air at the Fox-Nearly-Out-Of-Business Channel...

And still railing against immigration and immigrants, to an audience which rejected his arguments two years ago.


"The first standard which we have to repair is the national interest and that has to be clearly and forthrightly set forward here in this debate and whatever legislation moves forward. Everyone is trying to game the American people and it's really got to end. We've got to act on the national interest, come up with a rational, effective, humane immigration policy and secure borders."

By the way, Fox today announced its new show replacing Glenn Beck will feature ten of its usual suspects in a rotating panel format.


None of Lou Dobbs.

But, our winner.

Who else could it be, today?

Ahhh, he'll still be with us on radio.

Talking about President Obama and making a... Halperin of himself.

Yes... The radio-only version of Lonesome Rhodes.

Now with 73 percent more racism!

Lonesome Rhodes Beck... Today's Worst Person In The World.