Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Web content for Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Contradictionary: "Can't-i-date"
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I'm Keith Olbermann with Countdown Online's Contra-Dictionary. This is where we beat the Conservative Spinmeisters to the punch, and anticipate how they intend to pervert the language to take something benign and make it nefarious...

Or how **we** might take a political event or development and redefine it for your edification and amusement.

Today we have a new term to define the Republican Presidential field. It used to be that, in the 18 months before a Presidential election, news about candidates focused on people jumping **into** the race and not out of it. But the last few months, the ratio weighs heavily in favor of the Trumps, the Huckabees, the Barbours, the Daniels, the Christies, and others for whom even the massive, blinding, orgasmic thrill of running for the White House even if you're going to get your fanny kicked for trying, is just not temptation enough.

Countdown's Contra-Dictionary gives you..."**Can't**-idates!"