Wednesday, July 6, 2011

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Wednesday, July 6th, 2011
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ShowPlug1: Live on Countdown @Current 8ET: POTUS says debt ceiling shouldn't be used as "gun" vs Americans; Cantor: GOP will talk loopholes

ShowPlug2: Amanda @aTerkel of @HuffingtonPost joins me; Contributor Matt @mTaibbi on loophole for 25 taxpayers which if closed equals $4B

ShowPlug3: Exxon lies its way out of Yellowstone Pipeline timeline discrepancy. Contributor @Kate_Sheppard of Mother Jones w/latest

ShowPlug4: Murdoch shares drop 5% after he & NewsCorp pounded in UK Parliament. Phone-hacking nightmare burgeons. @MichaelWolffNYC returns

ShowPlug5: Roger Clemens trial starts; Opening Arguments scheduled for day of MLB All-Star Game. W/the great @RichardJustice of Hou. Chron.

ShowPlugLast: And, Worsts: mining the Grand Canyon in Jeff Flake's America, plus, Where In The World is "Tonialla G."?


'Debt Duel', Amanda Terkel

'Tax the Richest', Matt Taibbi
(plus bonus)

'Yellowstone River Spill', Kate Sheppard
YouTube, (excerpt)

Time Marches On!

'Rupert on the Ropes?', Michael Wolff

Worst Persons: Unknown art thief, Rep. Jeff Flake, Tonialla G., YouTube

'Clemens in Court', Richard Justice
YouTube, (excerpt)

Worst Persons:

Here are Countdown's viewers nominees for today's Worst Persons In The World...

The bronze, to the unnamed, well-dressed man in dark glasses who walked into a San Francisco art gallery yesterday and walked off with the drawing "Tete de Femme" by Pablo Picasso valued at 200-thousand dollars. The man then jumped into a get-away... **cab.**

Police have issued a sketch of the suspect...

They say the suspect face is slightly askew...
The suspect's hair is made up of a dozen or more amoeba-like objects...
And that the heritage of the suspect may be Cubist.


Our runner-up...

Arizona's aptly named Congressman, Jeff Flake. He and his colleagues on the House Subcommittee on the Interior and Environment have issued a spending bill that includes a rider - called Section 445 - that would overrule Secretary of the Interior Salazar.

It reads:

"Notwithstanding any other provision of law, none of the approximately 1,010,776 acres of public lands and National Forest System lands described in Public Land Order No. 7773; Emergency Withdrawal of Public and National Forest System Lands, Coconino and Mohave Counties; AZ (76 Fed. Reg. 37826) may be withdrawn from location and entry under the General Mining Law of 1872 (30 U.S.C. 22 et seq.) except as expressly authorized by a law enacted after the date of enactment of this Act that refers to this section."

What does that **mean**?

It means Congressman Flake gets to sell mining rights in the million acres around... the Grand Canyon! A U-S representative... **from** Arizona... wants to overrule the Secretary of the Interior and let mining companies desecrate the Grand Canyon area, for private profit. And to do it, Mr. Flake and his sleazebag colleagues attached the provision enabling it, to a **spending bill**. The only being **spent** here is our nation's single most beloved natural wonder.

And our winner:

"Tonialla G."

She's a U-S Airways employee at Philadelphia International Airport. A U-S Airways passenger named Sandy DeWitt says "Tonialla G" was being rude to passengers in the boarding area of a flight from Philly to Miami.

So she snapped a photo of "Tonialla G's" nametag - just her nametag - so she could complain to the airline, later, and then she boarded the flight. To her shock, just before take-off, who comes on to the plane?

"Tonialla G." confronted Ms. DeWitt and demanded that she **delete** the photo the passenger had taken of Tonialla G's nametag. The photo hadn't come out, so DeWitt complied.
This was not **enough** for Tonialla G...

The U-S Airways employee went to the cockpit and told the pilot that Ms. DeWitt was a quote "security risk." Ms. DeWitt was then removed from the plane, and told by U-S Airways Manager Michael Lofton that she would not be allowed back on because she had been identified **as* a security risk. Of course she wasn't **enough** of a "security risk" to be kept off all aircraft, so Lofton sent her to **American** to get another flight there.
- -
No comment from U-S Airways and apparently no apology. And thus, via the bottomless excuse of "security" yet another little false God is deified... Tonialla G. Representative of every abuse of the public by people **we pay** to work **for us.**

So here's the thing: let's **find** Tonialla G. How hard could this be? She works for U-S Airways. She works at the Philly airport. And her name is Tonialla G... If you have info, tweet it to me...

Tonialla G - You're damn right Sandy DeWitt was a "security risk"...A risk to your **job** security...

Today's Worst Person In The World!