Thursday, July 7, 2011

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Thursday, July 7th, 2011
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ShowPlug1: Live on Countdown at 8ET: POTUS & SS, Medicare cuts; House Dems threaten to pull support. @RyanGrim, @SenatorSanders with latest

ShowPlug2: Ex-Murdoch editor to be arrested, Rupert folds newspaper: is he trying to destroy evidence? @MichaelWolffNYC back with new info

ShowPlug3: Pres.Clinton compares 2011-12 voter suppression to Jim Crow, poll tax. Evaluation by Rep. @KeithEllison

ShowPlug4: Ohio Rep. behind Voter ID/Drivers License bill there, arrested for DUI, losing his own License - there's VIDEO (& a stripper)

ShowPlug5: Iowa GOP wants Pres. candidates to take Vow to "protect traditional marriage." Pen leaps from Newt's hand? w/ @MikeyMusto

ShowPlugLast: And late breaking news about infamous US Airways employee, last night's Worst, "Tonialla G."


'Debt Duelers', Ryan Grim

'Saving Social Security', Sen. Bernie Sanders
YouTube, (excerpt)

'Stop The Presses', Michael Wolff
YouTube, (excerpt)

Time Marches On!

'War On Voting', Rep. Keith Ellison

Worst Persons: Fox & Friends, unknown TSA agent at Sea-Tac, Robert Mecklenborg (R-OH), YouTube

'Straight and Narrow', Michael Musto

Worst Persons:

The bronze to Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, and the other Morning Morons on the Fixed News wake-up show.

After Princeton released its study suggesting interest by Mexicans in immigrating illegally to this country has dramatically dropped to its lowest rate since the 1950's, Fox had to push back.

They showed this photo of one guy scaling a fence.
Doocy intoned: " Who said our borders were more secure than ever before? Take a close look. That fella in the spot shadow - an illegal alien hopping the fence for freedom."
And the racist Carlson said "that's an illegal, making a run for freedom!"

And then both of them revealed that border agents **caught** the man in the photo.
All reporting indicates illegal immigration across the Mexico-US border has "sputtered to a trickle" during the Obama Administration.
Except for Doocy and Carlson, who appear to have gotten into this country from Planet Hayseed in the galaxy of Andromeda.

Our runner-up: **today's** Airport Tyrant.. Name unknown.
T-S-A agent at Sea-Tac in Washington State.

This is Laura Adiele and she was flying to Texas. She went through the fully-body scanner, nothing beeped, blipped or showed up, and still they pulled her out for a pat-down.

A pat-down of her hair.
Her Afro was a possible risk to American freedom.
The white gals with the pony-tails were fine.
"My biggest question is," she said, "if I'm going through a full body X-ray, what more do you need to find, after that?"
Ms. Adiele says a supervisor arrived and explained "it's our policy that we examine anything that poofs from the body."
That's a technical T-S-A anti-terror-guy we-have-uniforms term. "Poofs."
Oh by the way, we still haven't found **yesterday's** airport tyrant, U-S Airways Philadelphia employee "Tonialla G" - tweet me if you know anything about her.

But our winner: Ohio State Representative Robert Mecklenborg.
He's the Republican behind the bill to make a driver's license mandatory if you want to vote there.

It's racism - it's poor people and minorities who have the fewest driver's licenses, and cars. As we told you last week, it turns out that in April - on Good Friday no less - Mecklenborg was arrested for drunk driving, without the mother of his children in his car, but with a stripper in the car, and some viagra. The Prosecutor's office in Dearborn County has released the video of irony coming up and biting Mecklenborg in the... stripper pole. Here are edited highlights. Watch for the number of times he has to lean on the car to keep from falling over during the leg-lift sobriety test.

Miss Stripper isn't shown because she didn't do anything wrong.
But as to Representative Mecklenborg, who lied to the police repeatedly **and** drove drunk...
I think maybe you want to be resigning soon.