Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
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ShowPlug1: Live on Countdown at 8E: The Debt Deal is signed, The Billionaires' Coup continues. My guest: @AlGore

ShowPlug2: Koch Brothers, Cont'd. Ballots mailed to Wisconsin Dem. districts bear wrong date for Recall Vote. W/John Nichols of @TheNation

ShowPlug3: Murdoch-Gate expands again: An 11th Editor arrested; UK investigating possible computer-hacking. @JohnWDean analyzes

ShowPlug4: It's 2011. How do you get away with referring to POTUS and "coonskins" and "the Tar Baby." Worst Persons, truly Worst

ShowPlugLast: Hijacker DB Cooper:jumped w/ $ to certain death.Feds have new hint he may have LIVED,w/Geoffrey Gray author of @SkyJackTheBook

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#5 'Done Deal'

#5 'Done Deal', Al Gore
Current.com part 1, part 2

#4 'Trickery in Wisconsin', John Nichols

Time Marches On!

#3 'Rupert-Gate Returns', John Dean

#2 Worst Persons: Jarrod Martin (R-OH), Pat Buchanan, Rep. Doug Lamborn
Current.com, YouTube

#1 'D.B. Or Not D.B.?', Geoffrey Gray

Worst Persons:

First because every day it feels like one of these numbskulls is going to do that and take our country with them.

It's our number two story.

Countdown's nominees for today's three Worst Persons in the World.

The bronze to Ohio State Representative, Republican Jarrod Martin.

Remember him? Representative Martin was cited for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, shirtless, dirty, and sweaty.

It is reported today that it turns out Martin is no stranger to high-alcohol-content sweat.

In March of last year the Ohio Highway Patrol stumbled upon a tanked Martin in a parking garage, slumped over the Chevy Suburban belonging to none other than William Batchelder, now the Speaker of the Ohio House.

The drunken shenanigans were on full display two months later when officers found Martin and six other men "highly intoxicated" at a bachelor party just having a "friendly wrestling match in their hotel room."


Redemption in the form of embarrassment came at Martin's expense when the Ohio State Representative, elected and stuff, had to be collected by...his parents.

Our runner-up: when he said it yesterday you might have thought it was a moment of accident or unaware of its implications. Not so, Pat Buchanan.

Buchanan followed today with one of his typical rants at the psycho website "Human Events," again on the topic of President Obama and the debt ceiling negotiations.

"Mocked by The Wall Street Journal and Sen. John McCain as the little people of the Lord of the Rings books, the Tea Party "Hobbits" are indeed returning to Middle Earth -- to nail the coonskin to the wall."



But our winner, in the same vein: Colorado Congressman Republican Doug Lamborn.

Mr. Lamborn, on a Denver radio station.

Lamborn has now apologized.


He says he's written the President "apologizing for using a term some find insensitive."

No, crap-head.

It's a term that is insensitive.

Racially insensitive.

"Tar-Baby" has been an insult to black people since the 1880's.

And throwing out racial insults about an African-American president to a White Beck-Hannity-carrying radio station audience that secretly delights in them, and then issuing half-assed if-then "sorrys," is not apologizing.

It's racism.

Congressman Doug "I'm sorry if I called you a cracker, because some people find that term insensitive, I meant moron." Lamborn -- today's Worst Person In The World.

Lamborn Spokeswoman, Catherine Mortensen: "Congressman Lamborn regrets any misunderstanding. He simply meant to refer to a sticky situation or quagmire."