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First Guess: Lying About The Civil War
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Worst Persons For April 14
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At a time when President Obama just barely avoided making this list for having collaborated with Republicans on gutting entitlements by finally emphasizing that the Defense Budget must be reduced - here are the Worst Persons of the Day:

The bronze to Birther/Realtor/Wigster Donald Trump, and his absurd two-note campaign: that "his team" will prove Barack Obama was not born in this country, and that we should steal the oil in Iraq so we can pay for all the money we wasted in Iraq. Trump is growing so increasingly embarrassing - and not just politically - professionally as well, in real estate and broadcasting - that he's now been dissed by both Newt Gingrich and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Cantor said, quote:

"I don't think he is really serious when we ... see a campaign launched on the birther issue"

Gingrich said, quote: "I think that the Donald is such an interesting person in every way that being 'Apprentice Candidate' is his newest show."

Don? When you get shoved around by has-beens like Newt Gingrich and lightweights like Eric Cantor - you're done.

And, by the way, the joke about Trump - whose wealth rests on the money his father actually made - about him being born on third base and thinking he hit a triple? Actually he was born on third base, went backwards to second, and thinks he hit a **double.**


Speaking of baseball references - the runner-up: John Steigerwald, the former Pittsburgh sportscaster now reduced to writing occasional columns for a newspaper in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

You've heard about Bryan Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten into a coma in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, because he was wearing a Giants jersey.

Columnist Steigerwald knows who to blame. Bryan Stow:

Just before he was beaten to within an inch of his life, Stow texted some friends and said that he was "scared inside the stadium". Maybe someone can ask Stow, if he ever comes out of his coma, why he thought it was a good idea to wear Giants' gear to a Dodgers' home opener when there was a history of out-of-control drunkenness and arrests at that event going back several years.

That is what Mr. Steigerwald wrote: Blame the victim.

For context, if you're in Western Pennsylvania and your name is Steigerwald, you had better just change careers. Bill Steigerwald wrote ridiculous columns for the Richard Mellon Scaife Vanity newspaper in Pittsburgh, the Tribune-Review, and announcer Paul Steigerwald once made a joke about the past winner of college hockey's Hobey Baker Award. His color man noted that the Baker award winner was checked to the ice and 'went down real hard.' Steigerwald #3 replied: "Not as hard as Hobey Baker went down, though. He went down in a plane crash. That's pretty hard to go down there."

For additional context, while the teams and the fans are rightly soul-searching over what happened last week - in 2003, in the same L-A parking lot, some Giants fans taunted a Dodger fan, who apparently replied. One of the Giants fans promptly shot and killed the Dodger fan. When the Dodgers and Giants were still in New York, two Giants fans taunted at a bar a Dodger fan named Robert Simon. He went home, got his gun, and came back and shot them. This was in 1938. Sadly, none of this is new.


But our winner, Senator Jon Kyl, who apparently keeps getting reelected by Arizona in order to make John McCain look good...

You already know that the quote "Senator" unquote claimed that abortions constitute quote "well over 90 percent" of what's done by Planned Parenthood.

When challenged with the correct statistic - three percent, not 90 (what's 87 percent between friends?) - Kyl responded that his claim was, quote, "not intended to be a factual statement."

Mr. Kyl has now made Richard Nixon's press secretary Ron Ziegler look honest when he explained-away months of lying about Watergate by saying, "This is the operative statement. The others are inoperative."

Still. "That was not intended to be a factual statement." Nice to finally hear one of them admit that. They should include that after every Republican comment, like those fast-talking announcers at the end of the Bank Commercials on the Radio:

"Your mileage may vary. Higher West Of The Rockies. Member, F-D-I-C. 90 percent claim may actually represent 3 percent. The Check Is In The Mail. Not intended to be a factual statement."

Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, today's Worst Person
First Guess: Lying About The Civil War
Video via FOK News Channel

Of course the Civil War wasn't about slavery. It was a fight over which color was better: Blue or Gray.

The new polling this week tells a terrible story of historical revisionism, rationalization, and lousy education. 42 percent of this country says that slavery was not the main cause of secession nor of the Civil War.

150 years later and we're collectively less honest with ourselves about our greatest American tragedy than we were as it happened. The greatest attack on this nation, on its freedoms, on its independence - the greatest act of terrorism against the United States of America, the greatest act of treason, our nation at its worst - and four out of ten Americans are willing to lie about its cause.

That's right: Lie. Because if you believe slavery was not the main cause of the Civil War, you are either lying, or mentally impaired, or a grammar school dropout. There are no other choices.

You have doubts about that? Do not bring them to me. Bring them to William Henry Gist.

Mr. Gist was the Governor of South Carolina in 1860, one of the Southern leaders who proposed secession, who - in advance of Abraham Lincoln's election - met with other governors to plot their treason, who got Florida and Mississippi to follow South Carolina out of the union, and whose actions led - as much as any man's did - to the Civil War.

What did Governor Gist say about it?

Let me quote from Adam Goodheart in the New York Times from December 3rd of last year, about Governor Gist:

In one address to the legislature at the end of November, he whipped up his listeners with talk of laws that would reopen the African slave trade, officially declare white men the ruling race, and punish "summarily and severely, if not with death" any person caught espousing abolitionist views.

So obviously secession had nothing to do with slavery. Nothing. Laws passing summary judgment on anyone merely advocating an end to slavery in South Carolina - a death penalty for proposing the abolition of slavery - obviously those would have had nothing to do with slavery.

The Governor of one of the United States of America promising legislation that would formally pronounce whites "the ruling race" - why to think that had anything to do with slavery is the height of absurdity!

And reopening the slave trade? Why, how could reopening the slave trade have anything to do with slavery? It's preposterous!

One more thing from Mr. Goodheart's piece from last December needs to be emphasized. It was about what happened in Charleston, just before Governor Gist made his promises to the South Carolina legislature:

...local militia had placed the American military arsenal in town under guard, ostensibly to defend it in case of a slave revolt.

Well, that settles it! What would fear of a slave revolt have to do with slavery?

In fact, what does slavery have to do with slavery? You make it sound like the words "slavery" and "slavery" mean the same thing!

There is no gray area about why the Civil War started. None. The south seceded to protect and maintain slavery - period. They would not have seceded over a federal tax on Sorghum.

This is not a debate, this is not a nuance, this is not an interpretation. To maintain otherwise is, in fact, to strip whatever dignity remains for traitors like Governor William Henry Gist and President Jefferson Davis and the others.

At least when they spat on this nation, when they took up arms against their own country and spilled the blood of those carrying our flag, they told the truth about why they were doing so.

Their descendants are without facts, without dignity, and most importantly - without honor.
Snappy Headlines For April 14

Fox Nation: Olbermann Says Female Conservative Should've Been Aborted?

Answer: No, he didn't! And this is the Fox News/GOOP Industrial Complex in action: 1) One of their stooges goes on and perpetuates the lie that Planned Parenthood does nothing but conduct abortions; 2) I call her out on her BS and suggest she underscores the value of Planned Parenthood – that they can counsel people who clearly aren't ready to be parents; 3) Fox lies about what I said; 4) Fox denies it's a lie or a false accusation because they used a question mark (by the way, there's no question mark on the link itself).

My question in return is: doesn't this mean that if I said something – anything – about the Fox commentator, from an issue of abortion to an issue of tone deafness, it would be just fine as long as I used a question mark? You know: "Fox commentator: Is she a foreign spy planted to sow division among gullible Americans?" "Fox commentator: Is she bald and actually wearing a wig?" "Fox commentator: Did she actually print her college diploma at Kinko's?"
Photo Of The Day For April 14

I was looking for info on what other sports Yankees' reliever Joba Chamberlain played in high school.

I didn't find it.

Instead, I found... this: