Monday, July 4, 2011

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Monday, July 4th, 2011
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ShowPlug1: Countdown live, @Current 8ET. 1st GOP Debt Ceiling Hostage Drama cracks @DavidShuster reports from DC; GOP roundup w/@KarlFrisch

ShowPlug2: NJ Sen State Pres explodes at Gov. Christie: "Bully, Cruel, Bastard, Mr. Potter, rotten p***k." w/ @EvanMc_S antoro

ShowPlugLast (new format): @FoxNewsPolitics, hackers, why it took 9 hours to delete false 'Obama dead' tweets, + security of YOUR account w/ @DanAckerman of CNET. Worsts: GA home owners association thwarts free house for Iraq vet; Ohio Legislator pushing 'No Driver's License, No Vote' law may lose Driver's License. And Exec. Ed. Michael Solomon of @TheByliner on his new book: "I Hope Like Heck" - the emails of @SarahPalinUSA in poem form. I'll read some, dramatically.


'Two-Part Talks?', David Shuster

'GOP On Parade', Karl Frisch

'Jersey Sore', Evan McMorris-Santoro
YouTube, (excerpt)

Tweet of the Day: @mattbuechner and Time Marches On!

'FOX News: Trick Or Tweet', Dan Ackerman

Worst Persons: Marie Domond, Robert Mecklenborg (R-OH), Rick Trump, YouTube

'Sarah Says', Michael Solomon
YouTube, (excerpt)

Worst Persons:

Here are Countdown's top three nominees for today's Worst Persons In The World...

The bronze to Marie Domond...sister of **this** guy... **Gerard** Domond. He killed a man in a Brooklyn drug deal in 1987 and was sentenced to life in prison, and he is an inmate to this day. That's why **Marie** Domond is suing New York state.

For calling her brother a quote "inmate." She wants 50 million dollars for slander, saying her brother has been stigmatized by being **called** an "inmate."
She told a New York newspaper that it, quote: "implies that our brother is locked up for the purpose of mating with other men."
"I couldn't understand why no one recognized that somebody being labeled an inmate, why they wouldn't recognize that."
Funny. I'm pretty good with words, and pretty good with re-purposing them, and I had never once thought of that twist on "inmate."
So thanks for putting that idea in all our heads.

The runner-up: State Representative Robert Mecklenborg of Ohio...
He is the sponsor of a bill that would demand a series of photo I-D's, including driver's licenses, for anybody who wanted to vote.

If you're poor or a minority and you don't have a car or a license, you don't vote.
Well, irony has come up and bit Representative Mecklenborg in the heinie.
Turns out three months ago he was arrested... in Indiana... with a woman associated with a local strip club in his car... with viagra... and while drunk driving.
Indiana D-U-I laws require transgressors to surrender... their driver's license.
Got any I-D, Buddy? Otherwise, you can't vote.

The winner: the wonderfully named Rick Trump, president of the **aptly** named Knob Hill Homeowners Association of Evans, Georgia.

The non-profit group "Homes For Our Troops" was going to begin construction on a house for Sgt. Sean Gittens, who wound up mute, and in a wheelchair, after his service in Iraq. Mr. Trump's Homeowners Association stepped in and stopped it on the premise that the house wasn't big enough and would lower property values.

After the inevitable local backlash, Mr. Trump changed his story and said Sgt. Gittens couldn't get his house because "Homes For Our Troops" hadn't filed the correct paperwork. Then he said he was going to stop talking to the media and that the members of the Homeowners' Association were the real victims here.

That's the **Knob Hill** Homeowners' Association.
You know, where the **knobs** live.

Rick Trump of the **Knob Hill** Homeowners' Association.
You know -- where the **knobs** live.
Today's Worst Person In The World!