Friday, February 17, 2012

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Friday, February 17th, 2012
video 'podcast'

#ShowPlug 1: Rick Santorum tries to play GHW Bush to Charlie Bush's Dan Rather when asked about Foster Friess's Aspirin Birth Control remark

#ShowPlug 2: This while POTUS raises $29M in January. @Jdub231, Joe Williams of Politico; @Craig_Crawford on Campaign 2012

#ShowPlug 3: Maryland House passes same-sex marriage, Senate, Governor will approve. But Gov. Christie vetoes it in NJ

#ShowPlug 4: As ex-Christie staffer is found w/camera staking out state's Teachers Union intimidating passersby. W/Assembly's Reed @Gusciora

#ShowPlug 5: @SamSeder joins me on Tennessee push to outlaw MENTIONING to kids younger than 9th Grade that there ARE gays

#ShowPlug 6: While Virginia's Gov. McDonnell signs new law requiring vaginal penetration by scope if you want an abortion.

#ShowPlug 7: Billo doubles down on "Whitney Houston Killed Herself" campaign; James Thurber takes on Nixon AND Joe McCarthy...

#ShowPlug Last: And the 4th edition of @AndrewBreitbart Rage Video Mashup Theatre. Your hint: Oompa


#5 'Deep Friess', Joe Williams

#5 'Deep Friess', Craig Crawford

#4 'Fight For Rights', Reed Gusciora (D-NJ)

# Time Marches On!

#3 'Senseless States', Sam Seder

#2 Worst Persons: Bill O'Reilly, Gov. Bob McDonnell, Andrew Breitbart

#1 Fridays with Thurber: Help! Help! Another Classificationization

show transcript coming soon